Modul 3-3 Designer / Assistenten auf finden

Bewerbungstext Designer


We need YOU as our new T-Shirt Designer – FULL TIME JOB LONG TERM



we are a german based company and we are currently searching for graphic / shirt designer.


The companys focus is on print on demand products and our goal are long term partnerships with our partners.

We are focusing on the german (you dont need to speek german!) and us market and you will work with ideas we give to you. 



– (Full Time oder Half Time – das musst du dann für dich entscheiden!) Designer (XXX hours / week) for a long business relationship

– Responsibility, Openness (for new ideas) and Trust

– Software knowledge in Photoshop or Illustrator

– Knowledge in Trademark (Don’t DO Shirts that are related to big brands)

– Google Drive and Trello  (as our workspace)

– English Communication skills 



– Fixed Monthly Salary + Bonuses

(for example monthly salary can vary from $XXX to $XXX depending on the work)

– Long term business relationship (at least for XXX years)

– Easy communication via Slack, Skype or any medium you prefer


If you are cool with the conditions and understand anything written above please reply with the word: “Boom – I am in!”

Please feel free to contact us and send us information about you and some of your designs and we will give you a test working.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards
CEO XXX Company




Bewerbungstext Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant Wanted for e-Commerce 


we are an 5 year old e-commerce business company thats focused on print-on-demand products.

We are currently searching for a new people who can assist us in our daily business. We will provide you learning material that you can grow into our company.

You will work with google tools, slack, trello and some research tools.

For us its very important to work with people we can 100% trust and relate to.

Our team with 2 designers and 2 virtuall assistans is working now over 5 years in our business.

We want more good people to work as long as they have fun in our company with there jobs.

Our core values are:

– Openness (for new ideas)
– Honesty
– Trust
– Motivation
– Attention (mutually)
– Results / Success
– Responsibility for your work
– Fun and Joy – if your job doesnt make fun – leave it!
– Teamwork makes the Dream work
– Health over Work

Feel free to contact me to clear all your questions.
I am happy to hear from you.

Best Regards